These Abandoned Buildings Will Give You The Heebie Jeebies

Sure, they’re beautiful, but in a very creepy and haunted way.

1. Nate Robert is a travelling photojournalist and urban explorer from Perth in Western Australia.

South Fremantle Power Station

ID: 2467176

2. He finds a way into abandoned buildings in his hometown and documents the city’s urban decay.

South Fremantle Power Station

ID: 2467203

3. Some buildings have stayed in remarkably good shape.

Claremont Mental Hospital

ID: 2467214

4. While some have been overrun by graffiti.

South Freemantle Power Station

ID: 2467228

Claremont Mental Hospital

ID: 2467231

Kanga Wooden Toy Factory

ID: 2467259

7. This TAFE campus, abandoned for years, still has a fully equipped kitchen.

ID: 2467248

8. This office seems to have been unoccupied since 1993.


Old Treasury Building

ID: 2467356

9. While this hospital looks like it could have been in use yesterday.

Mt Lawley Nursing Home

ID: 2467270

10. Nate says he feels a sense of nostalgia in buildings that have previously been occupied or lived in.

Mt Lawley Nursing Home

ID: 2467332

11. With each visit to a building, he risks being caught by security and fined for trespassing.

Abandoned mechanic workshop.

ID: 2467405

12. He also risks running into a ghost, as most of these places are rumoured to be haunted.

Sail Factory

ID: 2467416

13. This abandoned warehouse is now a junky den.

ID: 2467427

14. Most of the buildings have squatters and are covered in bright graffiti.

ID: 2467432

15. But the buildings always seem creepier when shot in black in white.

Swanbourne mental hospital

ID: 2467446

You can follow Nate Robert on Twitter, or see his blog here.

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Jemima Skelley is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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