22 Reasons Why Seahorses Are The Most Badass Creatures In The Ocean

You should see them just squirting out babies.

1. It is a fact that can no longer be denied. Seahorses are the coolest damn animals on the planet.

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2. Did you know that MALE seahorses are the ones to get pregnant?

Andrey Nekrasov / Getty Images / Imagebroker RF
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3. This is how the female transfers her eggs to the male.

National Aquarium / Via youtube.com
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4. And then they can give birth to UP TO 2,500 BABY SEAHORSES!

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5. Look at him just squirting out his babies.

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6. And the babies are TINY.

Bournemouth News / Rex / REX USA
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7. Pygmy seahorses don’t ever get longer than about an inch when fully grown.

Flickr: osunick / Creative Commons
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8. Some seahorses look really damn cool.

Flickr: luppes777 / Via Creative Commons
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9. They like to blend in with their surroundings.

Flickr: thebusybrain / Creative Commons
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10. And they’re hella good at camouflage.

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11. “Snoot snoot motherfuckers. I bet you can’t see me.”

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12. Though sometimes they’re quite the opposite of subtle.

en.wikipedia.org / Creative Commons
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13. They like to hang out and link tails when they swim around together.

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14. Awwww it’s like they’re holding hands!

BBC One / Via youtube.com
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15. When they’re resting, they like to curl their tail around coral or another plant so they don’t float away.

en.wikipedia.org / Creative Commons
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16. They come in some very cool colours.

Flickr: donhomer / Creative Commons
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17. This guy’s just showing off.

Flickr: donhomer / Creative Commons
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18. They’re so chill. They are actually the slowest moving fish in the ocean.

According to the Guinness Book of Records.

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19. But because of their odd body shape and slow speed, they often die of exhaustion in particularly stormy waters :( .

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20. As they have no teeth and no stomach, they must constantly eat to stay alive. Some seahorses can eat more than 3,000 brine shrimp A DAY.

BBC One / Via youtube.com
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21. They’re super sneaky. They can move each of their eyes independently, so they can watch everything going on around them without being noticed.

Andrey Nekrasov / Getty Images / Imagebroker RF
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22. So, apologies to every other marine creature. Seahorses are the coolest. You should just be happy with the privilege of sharing the ocean with them.

IMAX: Journey to the South Pacific / Via thedodo.com
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