Here’s Proof That Lego Figures Are The Best Tour Guides Of Melbourne

Experience the city from a unique point of view.

1. Instagram user legojacker is putting his extensive Lego minifigure collection to good use. / legojacker

Yarra Valley

ID: 2934050

2. Let these little men show you Melbourne from a whole new point of view… / legojacker
ID: 2934051

3. … and give you a great visual tour of the Australian city. / legojacker
ID: 2934055

4. They’ll show you a great place to party once the sun goes down. / legojacker

The Gin Palace

ID: 2934062

5. But also some places to get a bit of culture.

National Gallery of Victoria

ID: 2939912

6. And places where you can just take a time out from busy city life.

ID: 2953477

7. You can be reassured that the city will always be kept safe from crime. / legojacker
ID: 2934053

Birrarung Marr

ID: 2953496

9. Both by superheroes and police.

National Gallery of Victoria

ID: 2953490

10. Protecting you from baddies like this guy.

ID: 2953489

11. And from President Business!

The roof of Melbourne Central

ID: 2939917

12. The Lego men show off some of the city’s beautiful landmarks.

Parliament of Victoria

ID: 2939921

13. And give us a bit of Australian history.

ANZAC day.

ID: 2953457

14. But also use Aussie landmarks as a backdrop for other moments in history.

State Library of Victoria

ID: 2953463

15. And to recreate iconic photos.

‘Construction of the Empire State Building’ shot in Hosier Lane.

ID: 2953450

16. One of his favourite places to shoot is Hosier Lane…

ID: 2939925

17. …Which is a cobbled pedestrian laneway filled with vivid street art.

ID: 2953413

18. Carlton Gardens is also often featured, the Lego men playing amongst the leaves. / legojacker
ID: 2934052
ID: 2939910

20. Check out the rest of the photos to complete your city tour.

ID: 2953510

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