This Is The Last Place On Earth You’d Expect To Be A Winter Wonderland

Snow is falling in the land of sun and surf.

1. When someone starts talking about Australia, the first thing you think of probably isn’t beautiful snowy mountains.

Flickr: andrewfysh / Via Creative Commons

2. Not many people would associate the Land Down Under with its winter season.

Flickr: snapped_up / Via Creative Commons

3. But snow can actually transform the country in to an even more beautiful and magical place.

Flickr: aschaf / Via Creative Commons

4. It’s hard to believe this is really Australia- the land of beaches and sun.

Flickr: 96428300@N05 / Via Creative Commons

5. And you probably would find it hard to believe that the Australian alps actually get more snow than Switzerland.

Flickr: goosmurf / Via Creative Commons

6. Every year, nearly a million Aussies take to the slopes with their skis and snowboards.

7. Although the Australian peaks aren’t dusted with snow year-round, winter can yield some scenery that would make Narnia jealous.

Flickr: jimmyharris / Via Creative Commons

8. So while North Americans are sweltering in their summer heat…

9. Aussies are quite literally chilling out.

10. Time at the snow is used to make new friends…

11. Experience spectacular sunsets…

12. And enjoy the slopes.

13. It’s important not to forget the most important parts of any ski trip…

14. Drinking mulled wine…

15. Eating chocolate…

16. And keeping warm.

17. It’s truly even more beautiful than it looks.

Flickr: jimmyharris / Via Creative Commons

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