This Is The Last Place On Earth You’d Expect To Be A Winter Wonderland

Snow is falling in the land of sun and surf.

1. When someone starts talking about Australia, the first thing you think of probably isn’t beautiful snowy mountains.

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2. Not many people would associate the Land Down Under with its winter season.

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3. But snow can actually transform the country in to an even more beautiful and magical place.

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4. It’s hard to believe this is really Australia- the land of beaches and sun.

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5. And you probably would find it hard to believe that the Australian alps actually get more snow than Switzerland.

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6. Every year, nearly a million Aussies take to the slopes with their skis and snowboards.

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7. Although the Australian peaks aren’t dusted with snow year-round, winter can yield some scenery that would make Narnia jealous.

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8. So while North Americans are sweltering in their summer heat…

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9. Aussies are quite literally chilling out.

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10. Time at the snow is used to make new friends…

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11. Experience spectacular sunsets…

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12. And enjoy the slopes.

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13. It’s important not to forget the most important parts of any ski trip…

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14. Drinking mulled wine…

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15. Eating chocolate…

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16. And keeping warm.

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17. It’s truly even more beautiful than it looks.

Flickr: jimmyharris / Via Creative Commons
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Jemima Skelley is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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