Beyoncé’s 10 Best Awards Show Performances

Needing more Beyoncé after that hot Grammy performance? Me too. Let’s look back at some of Bey’s best awards show moments. #bowdown

10. Learn To Be Lonely - 2005 Academy Awards

Remember 2005 when the Oscars was just The Beyoncé Show with some awards in between? Let’s do that again.

Fun Fact: Beyoncé supposedly lost a shoe during this performance, but she dragged it around under her dress and we were none the wiser! What a pro.

9. Ring The Alarm - 2006 MTV Video Music Awards

Beyoncé didn’t introduce us to her alter ego until 2008, but Sasha Fierce was alive and kickin long before then. Props for the crazy-low robotic backbend at 3:25 - in heels of course!

8. Proud Mary - 2008 Grammy Awards

Beyoncé + Tina Turner = everything is right in the world and life now makes total sense.

7. Single Ladies - 2008 American Music Awards

The VMA performance of Single Ladies was pretty fantastic, but I prefer this simpler version that left the iconic song and dance mostly untouched. Also, Heather Morris.

6. Deja Vu - 2006 BET Awards

The world will never forget the explosive solo debut Beyoncé had with Crazy In Love, but I think Deja Vu is when she really started to let her freak flag fly. Lots of epic gyrations happening in this performance.

5. Run The World (Girls) - 2011 Billboard Awards

Who run the world? BEYONCE, DUH, YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT BY NOW. Love when she stomps into the audience and attacks Matthew Morrison.

4. Dangerously In Love - 2004 Grammy Awards

Beyoncé is best when she’s strong and fierce and also a little bit weird. Her soulful, melisma-laden performance of this slithery ballad had just the right amount of sultry, divalicious strangeness.

3. Drunk In Love - 2014 Grammy Awards

Remember when I said Beyoncé is good when she’s a little weird? I’ve probably rewatched this video 27 times this week. Sexy and strange and I LOVE IT.

2. Love On Top - 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

In 2011, Beyoncé broke the Internet and caused the whole world to break into a big, gushy smile. Not to mention the way she tore through those four key changes like nobody’s business. Proud papa Jay Z beaming from the audience is the cherry on the cake.

1. If I Were A Boy - 2010 Grammy Awards

If you have any doubt about Beyoncé’s talent as a singer and performer, first of all SHAME ON YOU, and second of all, watch this video. It’s a stomping, snarling, octave-leaping, headbanging masterpiece of a rock star performance that commands your absolute attention from start to finish, and it comes complete with a searing hot cover of Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” in the middle. Beyoncé, I am yours forever. Can’t wait to see what you have cooked up next!

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