14 Reasons Jenna Maroney From “30 Rock” Is A Role Model To Young Women

Grab a snack, a pen and paper, turn on Netflix, and learn a thing or two from Jenna Maroney.

1. She Was Never Afraid To Speak Her Mind

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2. She Taught Us The Importance Of Putting The Drama Aside For Something Bigger Than Ourselves

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3. She Taught Us To Write Out Our Visions And Make Them Plain

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4. She Gave A Step By Step Commentary On How To Command The Attention In The Room

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5. She Taught Us Valuable Lessons On Body Image

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6. She Always Cut Right To The Chase, With No Regrets

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7. She Gave Us Helpful Tips On Getting Out Of Unbearable Situations

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8. She Also Showed Us It’s Never To Early To Start Planning The Future

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9. We Learned How To Subtly Get A Man’s Attention

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10. And Ultimately Learned How To Keep It

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11. She Gave Us Great Insults For Any Occasion

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12. She Taught Us The Importance Of Having Class

ID: 3671143

13. And A Whole Lotta Sass

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14. Most Importantly, She Displayed Self-Confidence In Every Way

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