Jayme S.
If you're on my list then you already know me a little. I don't know what else to tell you about me. I'm pretty simple, if you want to know just ask.
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    • Jayme S.

      I didn’t put it on here to minimize what underweight people go through, I just wanted them to see what we go through too. I actually was surprised that there wasn’t one for fat people. However, ya know, we’re supposed to just “do something about it” so nobody feels sorry for us. (even though there’s a large percentage of overweight people who are so due to medical issues, like myself). I’m not saying underweight bullied people shouldnt’ get some empathy. So should we.

    • Jayme S.

      No they didn’t. There isn’t an article on what fat people are tired of hearing so she made one. I did too and low and behold they look very similar.  1. do you ever stop eating (its the first and possibly only time i’ve eaten and/or will eat that day) 2. You should have a salad. (bitch get off my ice cream before you die) 3. You sure don’t miss a meal do ya? (actually yes I’m a recovering bulemic, but thanks for the assumption) 4. You shouldn’t wear yoga pants (but I’m actually DOING yoga so stfu) 5. You don’t look healthy. (You dont’ look smart, but I wasn’t going to say anything) 6. Aren’t you jealous of skinny people? (Yes actually, thanks for reminding me) 7. You should get an eating disorder (yes people say this) 8. I’m worried about your health (you met me 5 minutes ago, this isn’t OK unless you’re related to me or my doctor) 9. You’d be so pretty if you lost all the weight. (bitch I’m fuckin cute regardless) 10. You look like a cow. (since I stand on two legs and don’t graze a field I can deduct that no, I don’t look like a cow) 11. Your ass is so huge (gee thanks, didn’t notice) 12. *giggles when you’re working out at a gym* (fuck off) 13. You have such a pretty face, its a shame you don’t lose weight. (its a shame you don’t staple your lips shut) 14. We don’t sell plus sizes here *complete with snobby face*(from every other store in the mall) 15. Don’t worry, I’m getting fatter too (lifts shirt to show tightly toned tummy. *fuck off*) 16. For women “Don’t mistake fat for curvy. Men don’t like fat”
      For men “Insert manboob joke here” (sorry guys, its fucking cruel) 17. I hate fat people, they are so lazy. (bitch I could run circles around you, fuck off) 18. Fat people are a drain on society. (yeah cus all the hateful people are so good for society) 19. You’re going to die. (Yeah so are you if you say one more word about my weight)