29 Tell Tale Signs You’re In Love With Fast Food Resturants

Regret is never on the menu.

1. The entire staff at your favorite place is on a first name basis with you.

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2. And they know your order.

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3. Not to mention they recognize your voice and vehicle when you pull up to the drive thru.

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4. Since childhood you have been a connoisseur of Happy Meal toys.

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5. Actually sometimes you go there just for the toys.

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Remember these bad boys?

6. It’s a total win when you find out delivery is available in your area.

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7. You have made multiple visits on the same day on plenty of occassions.

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8. A wave of excitement comes over you when a new menu item is introduced.

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Now people will look forward to wake and bake.

9. You even own some fashionable fast food accessories.

10. Getting dolled up to get some crunch wraps is no big deal for you.

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Taco Belle

11. Even dangerous conditions couldn’t keep you away.

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12. You’re willing to forgive their misgivings.

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13. And your place is littered with wrappers.

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14. If your place has secret menu you definitely know it by heart.

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In-and- Out’s not so secret menu.

15. You are fiercely loyal to your regional favorite.

And you would’t dare cheat.

16. You celebrate holidays with fast food fixins.

17. And you have your kids join in on the fun.

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Sourdough baby for Halloween!

18. You adore the food so much that what gets ordered at the drive thru never makes it home.

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19. Excitement fills your heart when a seasonal item is back on the menu.

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20. Condiments have been used to spice up the important moments in life.

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Taco bout romantic!

21. You’ve even had some of some really big events there.

22. It’s all you need for a romantic night alone.

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23. At times nothing can stop you from satisfying your craving.

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24. And your heart breaks when you can’t get what you want.

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Chick-fil-A is always closed on Sunday. The day you want it the most.

25. Your obession has even taken on new dimensions.

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26. It’s almost like a religion.

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27. Don’t be sad.

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28. Get excited!

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29. Not only do these places have great food, but in a lot of cases they remind you of home.

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