28 Signs You Live In San Antonio

The city that embodies all things Tex-Mex.

1. You have an unwavering love for the Spurs

ID: 1462889

And Game 6 this year broke your heart

ID: 1468245

2. You consider cedar fever an actual disease

January and February are terrible, and not because of the weather

ID: 1462863

3. If you see you see someone with their blinker on it must be a factory defect

and no one knows how to merge

ID: 1462906

4. Cascarones are synonymous with Easter

It took you at least 2 showers to get all the confetti out of your hair

ID: 1462867

5. You complain about how expensive and crowded Fiesta is, but you still go to the events every single year

One of the few times a year you use park and ride

ID: 1462869

6. And your wardrobe consists mostly of medals

ID: 1462884

7. You’ve been to the haunted train tracks multiple times

and realize it’s super crowded during Halloween

ID: 1462873

8. You have pulled over on the side of the highway to take pictures with bluebonnets

and you uploaded the pics to Faceboook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

ID: 1462996

9. You cannot function without H-E-B

La Michoacana, and Culebra Meat Market as well

ID: 1462964

10. You consider anything under 70 degrees a cold front

and the city shuts down when it snows once every decade

ID: 1462874

11. Whataburger, Taco Cabana, Chachos, Jim’s, and/or Mama Margies are your go to spots after a night of partying

ID: 1463005

12. You are use to free coffee during the NBA playoffs

decaf anyone?

ID: 1462917

13. You’ve been to the Alamo more times then you can count

but you are always happy to take friends and relatives from out of town to see it

ID: 1462915

14. 90 degrees is still not considered that hot

ID: 1463104

15. You still call a convenience store an Ice House

ID: 1462891

16. You know it’s a military town, and that fills you with pride

God bless all who have served. Past and present.

ID: 1462928

17. Boots are never considered a fashion faux pas

ID: 1463036

18. Every other vehicle on the road is a pick up truck

Lift and huge tires optional

ID: 1463029

19. A breakfast taco is your go to choice for the most important meal of the day

and you can get them almost anywhere

ID: 1462897

20. You own one of these

What better way to sip your sweet tea

ID: 1462934

21. Trail rides, carnivals, livestock, and concerts, means rodeo month!

and a long Spurs road trip

ID: 1462950

22. You have taken at least one school field trip to Fiesta Texas

Sea World as well

ID: 1462979

23. 410 has been under construction for as long as you can remember

ID: 1463067

24. You are bilingual by default

or you at least know Spanglish or Tex-Mex

ID: 1463106

25. Tex-Mex is considered a food group

and every meal comes with chips and salsa

ID: 1463048

26. So is BBQ

ID: 1463108

27. You use Westside, Southside, Downtown, Northwest, Stone Oak, and outside the loop to describe parts of town

ID: 1463095

28. At the end of the day you love everything about this city and are glad to call it home


ID: 1463110

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