26 Reasons The NBA In The ’90s Was Awesome

Short shorts, pumped up kicks, and dream teams. This truly was the Golden Era of Basketball.

1. Fashion was first.

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3. And the pants were prints.

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4. The world’s greatest basketball movie was released.

Warner Bros. / Via ilovefreeconcerts.com
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5. And the Tune Squad beat the MonStars in the most thrilling game ever played.

Warner Bros. / Via smokingsection.uproxx.com
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6. Pumped-up kicks were an actual thing.

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7. Dennis Rodman was the Bad Boy of the league.

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8. And not a de-facto diplomat for North Korea.

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9. J’s (Jordan’s) weren’t vintage yet.

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10. Two words: Dream Team.

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12. AND a movie star.

Beuna Vista Pictures / Via bronames.tumblr.com

Still not sure why he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.

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13. And even a video game hero.

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14. NBA Jam (AKA the greatest game ever) was released.

Yes, that is Bill Clinton. Engaging in a full court dunk. While the ball is on fire.

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15. Cards were great collector’s items.

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16. Rivalries were intense.

ID: 2323482

17. Players promoted porn.

Context is needed here.

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18. The Bulls won everything.

Six championships in the ’90s, including two 3-peats.

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19. Charles Barkley saved the city from Godzilla in a game of one-on-one.

ID: 2323125

20. Everything was in teal.

ID: 2323141

21. Ray Allen was still Jesus Shuttlesworth.

ID: 2323322

22. Micheal Jordan ruled the league.

Nike / Via rapgenius.com

Those six titles? Yeah, those were all Jordan and “DA BULLS”.

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23. Hairstyles were unique.

ID: 2323461

24. Because this will never happen again.

ID: 2323061

25. Even Nirvana knew.

NBC / Via gifrific.com
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26. And most importantly because Michael Jordan said this:

ESPN / Via funnyjunk.com
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