24 Signs You’re Addicted To Gaming Apps

Just one more try. I swear this is the last time.

1. So you give in to the pressure and download the latest game.

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It feels good to be part of the crowd.

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But it’s not as easy as it seems.

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2. Winning brings immense you joy.

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3. But losing brings you severe agony.

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4. You think about it when you’re not playing.

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5. You even find yourself dreaming about it.

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6. Playing has interfered with your sleeping habits.

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7. Thus you are constantly tired.

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8. You end up spending a ton of money on lives and upgrades.

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9. You are ashamed at the amount of cash you’ve already spent on your habit.

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10. You’ve even become “that guy” who sends game invites on social media.

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11. You are very emotional about level ups and upgrades.

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12. You find yourself bonding with people who play the same games you do.

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13. And have considered making some questionable purchases.

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14. Waiting for lives, maintenance, or updates feels like an eternity to you.

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15. In your spare time you’re constantly looking up game hacks, cheats, and strategies.

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16. Your playing time even extends to work and school.

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17. You get anxious when you can’t play.

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18. A game has even made you angry to the point of violence.

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19. Your friends have tried to get you to stop…

ID: 2582308

20. …but it just makes you defensive.

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21. At some point you realize you have a problem.

ID: 2582329

22. But you’re totally okay with it.

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23. You accept your fate.

ID: 2581859

24. You’re addicted and you love it.

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