24 Issues Only Perpetually Hungry People Will Understand

Food is an important part of a balanced diet.

1. Thinking about food right when you wake up.

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2. And of course right before you go to bed.

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3. Finding everything Jennifer Lawrence has say about food to be totally relatable.

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4. Getting a little too enthusiastic about dessert.

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5. Asking a resturant if you can “SUPER SIZE” an order.

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6. Not wanting to share any part of your meal.

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7. Ever!

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8. Rationalizing why your stomach is a bottomless pit.

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9. Turning into a different person when you’re hungry.

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10. Being more excited about the food than the booze at brunch.

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11. Having a growling stomach at the most inappropriate times.

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12. Getting way to hyped about competitive eating contests.

“Hey, it’s a sport. I saw it on ESPN,”

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13. Showing everybody your total lack of table manners…

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“He eats like a beast!”

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14. …Because you can’t wait to dig in.

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15. Having to ask this question whenever you attend an event.

“No, I don’t care about the open bar. Is their a buffet?”

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16. Publicly embarrassing your friends because of your dining habits.

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17. Not being able to control yourself around the holidays.

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18. Being unable to avoid not talking to your snacks.

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19. Having no set meal time.

Because anytime is a good time to eat.

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20. Getting emotional over sweets.

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21. Finding new ways to incorporate food in to your workout.

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22. Getting mesmerized by your adoration for sweets.

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23. Knowing your appetite knows no bounds.

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24. Snacking while reading this post.

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25. No worries. This is a judgement free zone.

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So eat up!

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