23 Signs You Love Latin Food

“Yes, I know guac is extra!”

1. You drown everything in queso.

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“Queso” is Spanish for “nectar of the gods.”

2. You think Chipotle is healthly food option.

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“I only got extra cheese, sour cream, and guac. So it can’t be that bad.”

3. Tamales are appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the holidays.

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Thanksgiving = tamales
Chirtmas = tamales
NYE = tamales

4. And nobody ever just makes a “few.”

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One tamalada can feed a family for weeks.

5. You put Cholula or Tapatio sauce on everything.

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6. You know Mexican Coke with actual sugar is way better then regular Coke.

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“Mexican coke. It’s not what you think it is.”

7. You consider guacamole to be the most heavenly of add ons.

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8. And you hate the fact that it costs more.

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9. You know street tacos are the best tacos.

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10. Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos Locos literally changed your life.

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Sometimes you ended up just eating the shell.

11. Bimbo is your version of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

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And not a derogatory term for women .

12. You can do a million things with Tapioca.

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13. You will starve yourself all day just to feast at a churrascaria.

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Food coma ensues.

14. Chips and salsa are your ideal appetizer.

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“Could we get more chips?”

15. And when you hear “salsa”, dancing is not the first thing to comes to mind.

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16. This is your ideal after church meal.

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The perfect dish for Sunday Funday!

17. You believe that tacos should be its own food group.

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18. Taco Bell drive-thru was your go to choice anytime after 2 A.M.

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The fourth meal is an actual thing.

19. You can never have just one platano.

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Plantains are good for you, so it’s OK to eat 13.

20. Ceviche is syour preferred seafood dish.

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21. And you may or may not have purchased it from the back of someone’s van.

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Seems legit.

22. You know that empanadas/pastels can be filled with anything.

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Sorry Pop Tarts.

23. In spite of the consequences you can’t stop eating Latin cuisine.

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