24 Problems People With Dry Skin Know To Be True

Cracked, chapped, and dry. People with oily skin aren’t the only ones with issues.

1. Moisturizing lotion is your everything.

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2. You have a wide assortment of it.

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3. And are very familiar with its use.

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4. Your lips are constantly chapped.

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5. And you can’t help but lick them.

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Which, of course makes it worse.

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6. Actually you can’t live without chapstick.

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7. You have so many tubes of chapstick it can be considered an addiction.

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8. You loathe winter weather…

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9. …because with winter comes ashy skin.

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10. Oh, and elbows are the worse.

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11. Itchiness is also a constant issue.

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Scratch it!

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12. The fight against dandruff is never ending.

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13. And you question your methods.

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14. You hate the word “blotchy.”

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15. You hate when somone notices how dry your skin is.

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16. And exfoliating is something you simply have to do.

So say the Daleks!

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17. Your face always seems so tight after you wash it.

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18. Your legs look and feel like a drought stricken desert after shaving them.

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19. You know any product with rubbing alcohol is the enemy.

It dries out your skin even more.

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20. Acne has always been an issue.

ID: 2598833

21. And probably always will be.

ID: 2598877

22. Even though your dry skin is in abundance…

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23. …you’ve learned to deal.

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24. Like your oily skinned counterparts you know the struggle is real.

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