20 Things Latina Moms Love

Don’t go outside with your hair wet! You’ll get sick!

2. Making sure eveyone is wearing a sweater.

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3. Using Vicks Vapor Rub to cure everything.

4. Along with Sprite.

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6. Having accents.

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7. Calling every video game system a Nintendo.

8. Their daughter’s quince.

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No matter how ugly the dress is.

9. Watching their favorite talk show.

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If she’s Mexican, that probably means Cristina.

10. Knowing it all.

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11. Using chanclas (flip-flops) to discipline their kids.

A feared and respected tool of discipline.

12. Julio and Enrique Iglesias.

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And of course Marc Anthony, Gloria Esteban, Shakira etc.

13. Making comments on how you’re getting fat.

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“Estas gordita mijita.”

14. …And then making you a ton of food.

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“Tienes hambre?”

15. Celia Cruz.

La vida es una carnival!

16. Catholicism.

Many Latinos are Catholic.

17. Not letting you go outside with wet hair.

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“You’ll catch a cold!”

18. Grandkids. Lots of grandkids!!!


But don’t you dare get pregnant!

19. Trying to set you up with one of their friend’s children.

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20. And always being there when you need them.

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They may be nosy and drive you crazy at times, but they are awesome, and we love them for it.

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