22 Reasons Rachel From “Friends” Would Make An Awesome BFF

She’ll be there for you. Move over Monica!

1. Rachel knows how to set someone straight on important issues.

2. She’s comfortable with her body.

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3. Need advice on how to approach someone? Ask her.

4. She always asks the right questions at parties.

5. Ordering room service is no problem for her.

6. She’s never afraid to get into a little slap fight.

7. Cooking is one of Rachel’s strengths.

8. She can always pretend to know about the sports you love, even if she doesn’t really care.

9. She a risk taker.

10. If you’re having food lust, Rachel will be sure to call you out so that you don’t break your diet.

11. She will stick with you, style-wise, no matter what.

12. She’s a natural animal lover.


13. Rachel is the queen of comebacks.

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14. You get to make all the decisions.

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15. She’s great at giving advice on buying gifts.


16. The two of you would make amazing dance partners.

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17. You’ll always be in the presence of a princess.

18. You can always count on her when you need an extra player for a game of pickup football.

Who better to help you win the Geller Bowl?

19. Rachel has a ton of insight.

20. She always knows exactly what to say.

21. Hugs are never in short supply when Rachel’s around.

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22. And really, who else would you rather have with you on your most important days?

She’ll always be there for you.

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