20 Disney Characters That Would Be Perfect For Reality TV

Who says fantasy can’t be reality?

1. Ariel, Hoarders.

As collector of gadgets, gizmos, whozits, whatzits, and thingamabobs she is a shoo-in for Hoarders.

ID: 2637466

2. Ratatouille, Top Chef.

DIsney / Via funkidslive.com

He’s literally spent his entire life in a kitchen. A shoo-in to win any Top Chef challenge as long as the judges don’t mind a rat in the kitchen.

ID: 2636763

3. Mulan, Fear Factor.


With all the stuff she goes through fear is not a factor for her.

ID: 2640526

4. Rapunzel, Shear Genius.

Disney / Via globalgrind.com

This show is all about hair and style. No one has more experience dealing with a lot of hair than Rapunzel.

ID: 2636696

5. Gaston, The Bachelor.

He’s just a young man looking for love, and pretty similar personality wise to Juan Pablo.

ID: 2636737

6. Charlotte La Bouff, The Bachelorette.

DIsney / Via fanpop.com

This down South debutante deserves a debonaire match.

ID: 2636793

7. Lightning McQueen, Top Gear.

He’s a car and he hauls ass. Top gear is the only gear he knows.

ID: 2636965

8. Timon, Meerkat Manor.

Dinsey / Via giphy.com

For obvious reasons.

ID: 2636818

9. Tarzan, Naked and Afraid.

Not that much of a stretch from his current attire or living situation. He would also kick ass on Survivor. You can disrobe him, but it is doubtful he will be afraid.

ID: 2636912

10. Cruella de Vil, Project Runway.

Disney / Via wifflegif.com

She would be the most divalicious judge ever! Everything about her screams high fashion to the point of a fault.

ID: 2637266

11. Pocahontas, America’s Next Top Model.

Disney / Via socialphy.com

Because… DAMN!!

ID: 2637206

12. Scrooge McDuck, Shark Tank.

DInsey / Via fanpop.com

Is their anyone else with a bigger bank roll that can help finance the dreams of entrepreneurs?

ID: 2636853

13. Robin Hood, and…..

Disney / Via degrassi.wikia.com
ID: 2636876

14. Merida, Top Shot.

Marksmanship is the name of their game.

ID: 2637009

15. Cinderella, Dancing With the Stars.

She’s already an expert in ballroom and waltz. Pair her up with a professional and she’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

ID: 2637101

16. Elsa, The Voice.

Disney / Via tvtropes.org

“Let It Go” is all the proof you need.

ID: 2637593

17. Quasimodo, Wipe Out.

Jumping, climbing, sliding, and swinging through Notre Dame Cathedral will prepare him for any agility-based challenge Wipe Out can offer.

ID: 2637144

18. Prince Adam, Extreme Makeover.

Adam / Via fanpop.com

From a hairy, bulky brute to a well-manicured hunk. Few makeovers are this drastic.

ID: 2636991

19. Simba, Survivor.

As a cub he was forced out of his homeland to fend for himself. He can definitely outwit, outplay, and outlast any other contestant.

ID: 2637321

20. The Seven Dwarfs, Big Brother or The Real World.

Seven guys live in a house together and agree to have their lives videotaped. When life stops being a fairytale and starts being real.

ID: 2637183

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