21 Struggles People With Back Pain Know To Be True

My neck, my back.

1. You’re on a first name basis with your chiropractor.

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2. You know what good posture is, but can’t make yourself use it regularly.

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3. Heated back pads are a lifesaver.

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4. The icy-warm of tingle of pain cream is such a relief…

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5. … But you can’t stand the way it smells.

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6. Your medicine cabinet is like a who’s who of painkillers and muscle relaxers.

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7. And you’ve gone on a “trip” or gotten queasy when you’ve taken them on an empty stomach.

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8. Kinesio tape has become an art form to you, but damn if it doesn’t itch after a couple of days.

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9. Electrotherapy makes you look and feel like a cyborg.

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10. You have found out the hard way that massages can be anything but relaxing.

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11. You’ve had a head rush from spinal decompression exercises.

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12. After a while you can pretty much read your own x-ray.

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13. You’ve tried every type of stretch.

Flexibility can help relieve pain.

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14. You’ve even tried less traditional methods to get more flexible.

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15. Over time you’ve learned to embrace your back brace.

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16. MRI machines always make you feel claustrophobic.

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17. You know firsthand that the hardest part about falling down is getting back up.

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18. You even tried alternative treatments, in spite of how painful they look.

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19. You get strange looks at work when sitting in a pain-free position.

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20. You wouldn’t even dream of picking up something heavy off the ground.


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21. After icing your back daily, an ice bucket challenge looks like child’s play.

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So while the pain may get you down…

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… It’s nothing you can’t handle.

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