34 Things You’ll Only Find In Mexico

Welcome to Mexico! Be sure to try the tacos.

1.No era penal” themed piñatas.

2. Open air meat trucks.

3. Along with piggyback riders.

4. The very best seafood.

5. The freshest meat possible.

6. And other things to fulfill your “appetite.”

“Made to stop the hunger.”

7. Super taquerias.

8. And health conscious ones as well.

9. These amazing boots.

10. That you can rock in the club…

11. … Or on the runway

12. Clever restaurant logos.

13. Savvy advertisements.

14. People taking their pets on a walk…

15. … Or on a daytime cruise.

16. Expert nappers…

18. Custom cooling systems.

19. Along with homemade Lamborghini doors.

20. Súper “Walmarts.”

21. “Adult” candies.

22. Uniquely flavored treats.

23. Luchador-inspired stomach medication.

24. Backseat riders.

25. Family fun rides.

26. And equine caravans.

27. Unique fast food options.

28. Both healthy…

29. … And popular.

30. Human totem poles.

31. Along with daredevil repairmen.

32. Live action merry-go-rounds.

33. Endless choices.

34. And when your journey comes to an end, ergonomic undertakers.

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