21 Issues Light Sleepers Can Totally Relate To

I’m wide awake.

1. The slightest noise will keep you up.

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2. Earplugs are one of your must-have items.

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3. You own a fancy sleeping mask to keep the light out.

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4. You can never find the right balance between the room being too hot….

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5. Or too cold to fall asleep comfortably.

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Theere is no comfortable medium.

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6. Restless nights leave you with constant bags around your eyes.

Marcel ter Bekke/Marcel ter Bekke
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7. You’ve shelled out the extra $30 for blackout curtains.


Darkness is essential.

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8. You know every 3:30 AM infomercial by heart.

Hello facial flex!

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9. You’ve undoubtedly come across some adult programming while scanning channels in the middle of the night.

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10. You try to avoid liking someone’s status during one of your late night wake sessions.

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Unless you want them to assume you’re some kind of nocturnal vampire.

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11. You always have your bedroom fan running at a high speed to create white noise…

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Which makes things very interesting during winter.

ID: 2918436

12. For you, sharing a bed isn’t the peaceful bonding experience it is for everyone else.

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It’s a total nightmare!

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13. Your kitchen is constantly picked apart from random late night snacking.

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14. Which also ensures leftovers never make it to the next day.

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15. Before you go to sleep you absolutely have to make sure your phone is on silent.

Javier Moreno at BuzzFeed

Even the slightest notification will awaken you.

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16. At one point you’ve considered going to a sleeping clinic.

ID: 2926374

17. You struggle feverishly to not get up and go to the bathroom throughout the night.

ID: 2919191

18. It’s gotten so bad that this looks appealing.


Because getting up to pee means not being able to go back to sleep.

ID: 2922222

19. You are blessed with the gift and the curse of never needing someone else wake you up.

Because, unfortunately your internal alarm is always on.

ID: 2918717

20. At some point you’ve resorted to using sleeping pills to get you through the night.

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21. You’ve experienced hallucinations when the sleeping pills don’t actually knock you out.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via trippycatgifs.tumblr.com
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Even though being a light sleeper can be super annoying…

ID: 2918817

At least you’ll never sleep through an alarm.

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