24 Reasons Why Summer Sucks For People With Thick Hair

More hair, more problems.

1. In the summer months your head feels like a furnace.

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2. Your thick hair only seems to amplify your sweat.

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3. Which means it trickles down into your eyes.

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And of course it stings like hell.

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4. Summer also means you’re going into shedding season.

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5. Your bathroom now resembles a yeti crime scene.

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6. And it has led to some “interesting” shower art.

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7. Not to mention that now your drain is constantly clogged with an abominable hair monster.

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8. Shedding also means hair gets in your food.

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9. Regardless of how hard you try to keep it out.

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10. Although summer is a time for vacations, travel-size hair products just won’t cut it.

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11. Because you need a ton of conditioner to get your hair in order.

Lol this looks so gross but am I the only one who uses this much conditioner

— Terese (@tereseee)
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12. Because it’s so hot at night, you may go to bed looking great, and wake up with a rat’s nest.

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13. Blow drying only increases your risk of heat stroke and having to take another shower.

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14. And showers mean you have the two-hour chore of letting your hair dry afterward.

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15. Wearing a hat to protect yourself from the sun usually makes your hair look silly when you have it on…

ID: 3452121

16. … Or downright ridiculous when you take it off.

Disney / Pixar / Via youtube.com
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17. It takes you several boxes of hair dye to get that sexy summer color.

ID: 3451358

18. You’ve learned the hard way that sunglasses and thick hair don’t mix.

ID: 3451996

19. You are constantly falling victim to the vicious ponytail cycle: If it’s down, it’s too hot; if it’s up, it’s too heavy.

ID: 3451161

20. Humidity is literally your worst nightmare.

ID: 3451968

21. You never really get used to the gross sensation of hair sticking to your neck.


ID: 3452173

22. And your hair has a weird smell from the constant perspiration.

ID: 3452627

23. Maybe you spend a ton of money and time trying to get a sexy summer cut…

Cutting it all off will help, right??

ID: 3452020

24. But it never turns out the way you imagined.

Colombia Pictures / Via shockmansion.com
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