A Closing Letter To The Argentine Team

No need to cry, Argentina.

1. Argentina,

Ronald / Getty
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2. The sting of defeat is real.

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3. And sadness has set in.

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4. But take comfort in knowing you were never alone.

Matthias Hangst / Getty
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5. Your fans were with you through the amazing ups.

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6. And the bitterly stressful downs.

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7. You were at the very brink of ultimate glory.

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8. You progressed further than your hated rival, Brazil.

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9. And performed magnificently in its fabled Maracanã.

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10. And even when tragedy struck your rival…

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11. You showed nothing but class.

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12. You fought with your opponents relentlessly on the pitch.

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13. When confronted with setbacks…

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14. You still managed to shine through.

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15. You put on heroic performances.

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16. And gave due credit to the people that got you there.

Ronald Martinez / Getty

After Argentina’s penalty shootout, goalie Sergio Romero removed his jersey, revealing the names of his wife and kids.

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17. You played with emotion.

Esta imagen me rompe el alma. #HeroesArgentinos #ArgentinaCampeonBrasil2014

— Brionessss (@agussbriones)
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18. And typical Argentine flair.

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19. So don’t be sad, Argentina.

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20. You’re still the team that gave us the world’s greatest player…

David Cannon / Getty
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21. …Soccer’s most spectacular goal…

Yahoo Screen / Via
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22. …And its most controversial moment.

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23. You had an amazing run.

Vamos que hoy agregamos otra imagen triunfante! #VamosArgentina #EstaCopaEsDeArgentina

— Milagros Amondaray (@cinescalas)
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24. And even though you didn’t get the trophy you wanted…

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25. The blue and white stripes will always mean something.

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26. And your fans…

Jasper Juinen / Getty
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27. …Along with your greatest son…

The World Cup allowed people from different countries and religions to come together. May sport always promote the culture of encounter.

— Pope Francis (@Pontifex)
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28. …Are grateful.

Mario Tama / Getty
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29. Thank you for an amazing World Cup.

Matthias Hangst / Getty

Gracias por tanto.

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