A Closing Letter To The Argentine Team

No need to cry, Argentina.

1. Argentina,

Ronald / Getty

2. The sting of defeat is real.

Martin Rose / Getty

3. And sadness has set in.

Jamie McDonald / Getty

4. But take comfort in knowing you were never alone.

Matthias Hangst / Getty

5. Your fans were with you through the amazing ups.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty

6. And the bitterly stressful downs.

Matthias Hangst / Getty

7. You were at the very brink of ultimate glory.

Julian Finney / Getty

8. You progressed further than your hated rival, Brazil.

Rich Schultz / Getty

9. And performed magnificently in its fabled Maracanã.

Rich Schultz / Getty

10. And even when tragedy struck your rival…

Getty Images Sport

11. You showed nothing but class.

12. You fought with your opponents relentlessly on the pitch.

Julian Finney / Getty

13. When confronted with setbacks…

Jamie Squire / Getty

14. You still managed to shine through.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty

15. You put on heroic performances.

Julian Finney / Getty

16. And gave due credit to the people that got you there.

Ronald Martinez / Getty

After Argentina’s penalty shootout, goalie Sergio Romero removed his jersey, revealing the names of his wife and kids.

18. And typical Argentine flair.

19. So don’t be sad, Argentina.

Joe Raedle / Getty

20. You’re still the team that gave us the world’s greatest player…

David Cannon / Getty

21. …Soccer’s most spectacular goal…

Yahoo Screen / Via

22. …And its most controversial moment.

Yahoo Screen / Via

24. And even though you didn’t get the trophy you wanted…

Yahoo Screen / Via

25. The blue and white stripes will always mean something.

26. And your fans…

Jasper Juinen / Getty

28. …Are grateful.

Mario Tama / Getty

29. Thank you for an amazing World Cup.

Matthias Hangst / Getty

Gracias por tanto.

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