33 People That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Job Performance

Maybe it’s time they consider a career change.

1. Whoever decided to put this staircase here….

2. ….But not here.

3. The staff member that thought this was OK.

4. Whoever labeled this bargain.

5. This Christmas decor specialist.

6. Whoever mislabeled this beast.

7. This sports reporter.

8. The guy that thought this rooftop playground was a good idea.

9. This cell phone manufacturer.

10. This parking lot painter.

11. Whoever stocked these winter shoes.

12. This street paver.

13. Whoever designed this bathroom.

14. Along with this one.

15. And this one.

16. Whoever decided the color scheme for this “Red Box.”

17. The person who made the ad for these x-rated beans.

18. This person that wants you to be able to dry your hands and your baby.

19. This t-shirt screen printer.

20. Actually anybody who can’t make clothing correctly.

21. The person that made this confusing medal.

22. The guy that made this street sign.

23. Whoever thought this handrail was a good idea.

24. The worker who wanted kids to “stalk” up on these school supplies.

25. The carpenter that made sure these stalls were extra private.

26. Whoever sewed Nala’s eyes.

27. The person that got these superheroes mixed up.

28. The candyman that decided that a chocolate Biblical bunny was a good idea.

29. Whoever labeled this treat.

30. The stocker that wanted to turn water into wine.

31. The person that made this door a paradox.

32. Whoever maintains this sign.

33. This guy.

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