33 People That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Job Performance

Maybe it’s time they consider a career change.

1. Whoever decided to put this staircase here….

ID: 3255977

2. ….But not here.

ID: 3255185

3. The staff member that thought this was OK.

ID: 3251079

4. Whoever labeled this bargain.

ID: 3241638

5. This Christmas decor specialist.

ID: 3241548

6. Whoever mislabeled this beast.

ID: 3256743

7. This sports reporter.

ID: 3241467

8. The guy that thought this rooftop playground was a good idea.

ID: 3251032

9. This cell phone manufacturer.

ID: 3241454

10. This parking lot painter.

ID: 3251036

11. Whoever stocked these winter shoes.

ID: 3255850

12. This street paver.

ID: 3251092

13. Whoever designed this bathroom.

ID: 3241570

14. Along with this one.

ID: 3251025

15. And this one.

ID: 3251095

16. Whoever decided the color scheme for this “Red Box.”

ID: 3251088

17. The person who made the ad for these x-rated beans.

ID: 3255716

18. This person that wants you to be able to dry your hands and your baby.

ID: 3256247

19. This t-shirt screen printer.

ID: 3251045

20. Actually anybody who can’t make clothing correctly.

ID: 3251043

21. The person that made this confusing medal.

ID: 3251051

22. The guy that made this street sign.

ID: 3251068

23. Whoever thought this handrail was a good idea.

ID: 3251065

24. The worker who wanted kids to “stalk” up on these school supplies.

ID: 3251055

25. The carpenter that made sure these stalls were extra private.

ID: 3251145

26. Whoever sewed Nala’s eyes.

ID: 3251076

27. The person that got these superheroes mixed up.

ID: 3255205

28. The candyman that decided that a chocolate Biblical bunny was a good idea.

ID: 3255623

29. Whoever labeled this treat.

ID: 3255654

30. The stocker that wanted to turn water into wine.

ID: 3255685

31. The person that made this door a paradox.

ID: 3256187

32. Whoever maintains this sign.

ID: 3256274

33. This guy.

ID: 3256051

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