24 Reasons You Should Be Cheering For The San Antonio Spurs This Playoff Season

Go Spurs Go!

1. Tim Duncan is the greatest power forward of all time.

Pat Lovell/Usa Today Sports

He may be The Big Fundamental but nothing is boring about four championship rings.

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2. Tony Parker is one of the most dynamic point guards in the game.

Gary A. Vasquez/Usa Today Sports
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Which makes us happy that he stuck to basketball instead of rap.

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3. Manu Ginobli, is always super intense.

Tom Pennington / Getty
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Really intense.

Tom Pennington / Getty
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Actually really really intense.

Tom Pennington / Getty
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4. Together they make up the Spurs’ big three, and they know a thing or two about loyalty. All three have spent their entire NBA careers in San Antonio.

Tom Pennington / Getty
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No other trio has more playoff wins together.

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5. They are the only team in the league to regularly feature mariachi performances.

Stephen Dunn / Getty
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6. Local businesses give out free coffee after every playoff wins.

Even the @SpursCoyote needs his cup of joe! Get your #FreeCoffee at Valero Corner Stores this morning! #GoSpursGo

— News 4 San Antonio (@News4SA)
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7. Coach Popovich is a total baddass during games.

Chris Covatta / Getty Images
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And his baddassery carries over to media interviews.

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8. They stay true to a diverse fan base, and mix things up with bilingual jerseys.

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9. Oh, and their bench is ridiculously good.

A deep and talented bench allows them to wear teams down.

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10. Fans always bring the noise.

Chris Covatta / Getty
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Which gives them a distinct home court advantage.

Flickr: 76771463@N02 Flickr Creative Commons
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11. The Coyote mascot always mingles with the public.

@spurs hanging with homies! #SummerWonderland #GoSpursGo

— The Coyote (@SpursCoyote)
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And he is never afraid to dress up.

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12. The team has an entertaining and hilarious rivalry with sports commentator Charles Barkley.

Tom Peddington / Getty

The feud goes back to 2012, but was reignited when Barkley made comments about the Spurs fan base.

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13. The great Matt “Red Mamba” Bonner may have the best nickname in the league.

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14. General Manager R.C. Buford is one of the league’s premier team architects.

R.C. Buford honored as NBA Executive of the Year http://t.co/H9rtV5mntE #LiveOnNews4SA

— News 4 San Antonio (@News4SA)
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15. He has been instrumental in taking them to the mountain top four times.

Don’t say it’s not a dynasty.

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16. They are always all business on the court.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty
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17. But also know how to have fun off it.

@manuginobili @NandoDeColo #Halloween #party #gospursgo #family#dl ahahahahah...

— Marco Belinelli (@marcobelinelli)
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18. They have given Texas sports fans much to cheer about.

In the past 15 years they have won more championships then all other sport franchises in the state combined.

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19. Don’t forget they have a higher power cheering them on.

ID: 2995805

God---and His people are spurs fans. It's a fact. #210 #LosSpurs

— Anna Amy (@annaamy927)
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20. You might want to think twice before crossing a superstitious Spurs fan.

Jamie Stolarski / Via www2.sacurrent.com

They are protected.

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21. No other team celebrates championships with a river parade.

Ronald Martinez / Getty
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22. They are the White Walkers of the playoffs: cold, precise, and often deadly.

Bleacher Report / Via youtube.com
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23. Let’s be honest, they could use another banner hanging above the stands.

Ronald Martinez / Getty
ID: 2995824

24. And Duncan deserves to go out on top.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty


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