11 Famous Statements Totally Ruined By Hashtags

Thankfully, hashtags are a recent phenomenon. Brought to life by this Ask Reddit thread.

1. Abraham Lincoln

Frances Benjamin Johnston Collection / Via Library of Congress

Via LeBrunJames

ID: 3557440

2. Neil Armstrong

NASA / Hulton Archive

Via Snijplank

ID: 3557672

3. Franklin D. Roosevelt

National Archives / Hulton Archive

Via ReXone3

ID: 3557792

4. Leonidas

Via Cerxi

ID: 3558059

5. Paul Revere

Hulton Archive / Hulton Arcihve

Via jubileo5

ID: 3558094

6. Barack Obama

Pool / Getty Images

Via glorygrabbingbastard

ID: 3557961

8. Winston Churchill

Central Press / Hulton Archive

Via HankSinatra

ID: 3558131

9. Julius Cesar

Vincenzo Camuccini / Via en.wikipedia.org

Via 20SidedDice

ID: 3557928

10. Jesus

Rischgitz / Hulton Archive

Via yusefdoodie

ID: 3558165

11. Charlton Heston

20th Century Fox / Via pyxurz.blogspot.com
ID: 3558187

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