Retta’s Tweets Were The Best Part Of The Emmys

“I hate Robin Wright and her perfect style.”

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Parks and Recreation star Retta, beloved for live-tweeting her favorite TV shows, was tapped by NBC to officially live-tweet the 2014 Emmys — and she did not disappoint!

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The night began with Retta lookin hot as hell.

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She was seated with the equally hilarious Billy Eichner so you know there would be no shortage of snark.

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Much of it was aimed at the A-listers in the room.

Cheers for Seth Meyers who is chock full of “Why the fuck are the Emmys on a Monday?” jokes. #ForRealsWhy? #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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Cranston’s stash is . . . #YouMakeTheJoke #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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I wanna know where these guys get their weed. Just joking. There’s no way Woody doesn’t grow his own shit. #TeamHemp #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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I love how Jessica Lange is killing this “Ima let these fools know I’m still helluh sexy” saunter to stage. #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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What is happening right now?? #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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I would like to congratulate Sarah’s girls for staying put. #GoodOnYa #NarrowlyMissedMinajMoment #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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I hate Robin Wright and her perfect style. Hate is a strong word and I mean it. #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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But perhaps the greatest treat of the night was Retta chronicling her interaction with a seat filler who would…

Seat filler next to me is getting his jam on to the band’s version of Flashlight. #SoHappyToBeOutElbowRubbing #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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This clown next to me tried to tell me I was in the wrong seat (HE IS) and now wants to take a pic with me. #Ass #ByeFelicia #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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This fool just asked how𠆝 I get on Parks and wants to know if he can get TV work from doing extra work. #KillMe #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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Now this clown ass just asked me 2 FOLLOW HIM ON INSTAGRAM. #BitchPlease I’m about to get his ass bounced. #FuckinUpMuAwardShowVibe #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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But much like Olivia Pope, Retta had this handled.

#MissionAccomplished It was very white of me to sic security on him but I’m wearing white & sitting in the 2nd row. #KeepItClassy #Emmys

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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Which is bad news for The L.A. Times, because… eesh!

Ohhhhhh @LATimes . . . (Peep it @thedanieb)

— Retta (@unfoRETTAble)
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