14 Signs You’re Addicted To “Scandal”

The only cure is more.

1. 1. You Refer To Household Chores As “Cleaning Up A Murder Scene”

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2. 2. You’re Paranoid Your Cellphone Needs To Be Burned

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3. 3. You Can’t Go Anywhere Without Causing A Scene

ID: 2714437

4. 4. You Wear White While Drinking Red Wine

ID: 2714513

5. But You Aren’t As Good At It

ID: 2714523

6. 5. When Your Friend Starts To Answer A Question, You Interrupt By Asking Again But Louder

ID: 2714627

7. 6. You And Your Friends Betray Each Other And Then Immediately Work It Out

ID: 2714637

8. 7. You Use An Overwrought Southern Accent When You Talk About God

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9. 8. You Always Look Like You’re About To Cry

ID: 2714735

10. 9. You Shout At People Before You Make Out With Them

ID: 2714777

11. And Afterward Too

ID: 2714786

12. 10. This Is How You Return Your Mom’s Call About Your Thanksgiving Plans:

ID: 2714801

13. Then You Hang Up And Call Her A Terrorist

ID: 2714978

14. 11. You Hear Motown Everywhere You Go

ID: 2715085

15. 12. You’ve Adopted Intense Breathing Habits

ID: 2715097

16. 13. You’ve Dug Up Collateral On All Of Your Friends

ID: 2715133

17. 14. You’ve Rigged An Election, Murdered Someone, Or Slept With The President

ID: 2715180

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