You Need To See These Ads Without Context Right Now

H/T this Reddit thread for all of these.

2. Super weird, actually

3. Honestly, so weird

4. But when you take them out of context…

5. …somehow they get weirder

6. Too weird, even

7. Where did the soda go?

This was the original ad without context.

8. I don’t know why these are funny…

9. …they just are

11. I quite want a Hoverball now


13. Spills feature often

14. As does falling down

15. Why were these even made?

17. Ad people, do better

18. Get in the bin!

19. Don’t….just…no

20. These do look good though

21. Eating is hard, guys

22. Lids are problematic

26. That’s enough of that

Well done, internet.

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