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    • jamieb13

      @fredzilla, what is the big difference between her and Robin Williams? Both of them were award-winners. Both of them had iconic roles. Robin was a Juilliard graduate and Lauren has one of the most memorable scenes in movie history. They were on the same level career-wise.  I went and looked through your comments on other posts…and wow either you are one of the most annoying people or you just like having fun being the opposite of what other people are saying. I saw your comment about not saying Robin passed away and to just say he killed himself. It seems like you are trying to belittle people who commit suicide. You do know depression is a REAL illness, right? A chemical imbalance in the brain that can cause anxiety, heart palpitations and a bunch of other stuff? It makes you feel alone even when you have everything in the world. So don’t make suicide out to be something that makes a person’s death “less.”