Waking Up After Your House Party

The party was popping, the drink was flowing, the music was bumping — and then you woke up.

1. The alarm you forgot about goes off and you’re like:

ID: 1338471

2. So you hit snooze and go back to sleep.

“I am peaceful as fuck right now.”

ID: 1338472

3. Five minutes later it goes off again and this time you think:

ID: 1338458

4. You take a moment to ask your body:

ID: 1345391

5. It responds:

ID: 1339920

6. You stay down and try to remember last night.

ID: 1345422

7. But this is all you come up with:

ID: 1345431

8. And maybe this?

You can’t be sure, but you really hope not.

ID: 1345649

9. And you’re like, “Thank you, Party Gods, for bringing this shit-faced ship safely into harbor.”

ID: 1339930

10. Suddenly, you feel something in bed with you…

ID: 1339941

11. You roll over and find you have a strange bedfellow.

Horsey surprise!

ID: 1336551

12. Your brain is like:

ID: 1338467

13. Then you take a peek under the sheets and decide:

ID: 1338479

14. And you’re like:

ID: 1338504

15. You ask yourself: “Should I wake you up… orrrr… ?”

ID: 1345253

16. “Nope. Naw. No. Nuh uh.”

ID: 1338488

17. Better play it safe.

ID: 1339964

18. So you sneak out of your room…

ID: 1338484

19. …to go get yourself a nice cup of coffee.

ID: 1336541

20. You head for the kitchen…

ID: 1339982

21. And that’s when you learn that what starts like this…

ID: 1338516

22. … ends like this.

ID: 1338513

23. “Greaaaaaaaaaat.”

ID: 1345259

24. You get that coffee…

ID: 1345361

25. …and find your roommates are still asleep.

Or maybe dead.

ID: 1338456

26. Along with this bro…

…Who’s definitely not dead because he’s mouth-breathing like an asthmatic bullfrog.

ID: 1338493

27. You find your phone on the counter…

…which you didn’t even know was lost.

ID: 1345451

28. You look through your texts.

ID: 1339478

29. And you’re like:

“Uh oh.”

ID: 1345461

30. Whelp… what’s done is done, you decide.

ID: 1345471

31. You go take a look at the backyard.

ID: 1336545

32. And you’re like:

ID: 1338494

33. You remember the party like this…

ID: 1337285

34. … but it was more like this.

ID: 1337267

35. Finished with the post-party recon, you’re like:

ID: 1345512

36. You turn the stereo back on and pump your jam…

ID: 1345524

37. … pour yourself a recovery shot…

ID: 1345574

38. … and clean like the party never stopped.

ID: 1338448

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