The Definitive Collection Of Tom Hanks Animal GIFs

Because the world needs this. Thank you, Tom Hanks Is A Bunch Of Animals.

1. Tom Hanks is a shocked puppy saying hello!

ID: 1585803

2. He’s a mouse scared of a dog!

ID: 1585801

3. He’s a real mean cat.

ID: 1585805

4. He wants to chase cars!

ID: 1585863

5. Tom can play a cat playing ping pong playing himself as a cat playing ping pong.

ID: 1585806

6. Tom’s owllllllllllll about it.

ID: 1585812

7. Tom’s excited on ice!

ID: 1585809

8. Tom turns on Conan (watch those talons).

ID: 1585813

9. He is focus. He is majesty.

ID: 1585821

10. He can (try but ultimately fail to) carry himself as a voice actor.

ID: 1585861

11. Aren’t you. A Good. Tom.

ID: 1585818

12. Tom has emotional depth (and furry insulation).

ID: 1585825

13. Tom likes to explore!

ID: 1585868

14. “All my life I’ve been waiting for someone and when I find her, she’s… she’s a fish.”

ID: 1585856

15. Tom nervously approaches like a furry caterpillar.

ID: 1585826

16. He knows how to fall in line.

ID: 1585857

17. Tom wants to fly like an eagle, to the sea!

ID: 1585829

18. Tom is having a blast riding this tennis ball.

ID: 1585830

19. Sometimes he and a feline friend play the blues.

ID: 1585831

20. Tom is freaked seeing himself in cat-GIF form.


ID: 1585858

21. Tom Hanks has entered the glacier.

ID: 1585853

22. And he just wants to climb on mom with the rest of the litter.

ID: 1585840

23. Tom understands the importance of exercise.

ID: 1585842

24. And sparring with felines.

ID: 1585841

25. “I’m not a smart man… but I know what love is.”

And it’s definitely the feeling I get when you scratch my underarms.

ID: 1585843

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