35 Signs You Are Studying For The LSAT

Because your personal, educational, and financial goals all depend on this stupid f-ing test.

1. Before you even look at one LSAT question, you’re pretttttty sure you’re going to be in the 99th percentile.

“I’m just intelligent. Always have been.”

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2. Then you take your first practice test.

“I am coming to terms with the fact that I am not special in any way.”

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3. So you quickly buy a bunch of LSAT books…

“If I just get through 150 pages a day, I’ll be done in 6 months.”

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4. …and hire a tutor…

“I’m totally normal — I take the LSAT for fun.”

ID: 1392760

5. … and sign up for a class with a motivational instructor…

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6. … only to find that law school isn’t the only thing that’s going to be expensive.

“The 12-week course costs how much!?

ID: 1392468

7. Your LSAT instructor tells you to study for 20+ hours a week…

ID: 1387529

8. So you go home and crack open an LSAT book for the first time…

ID: 1392530

9. …and think maybe getting a job at a startup would be a better path in life.

ID: 1387527

10. You stop hanging out with your friends…

ID: 1393943

11. …so you can spend all your free time inside determining how additional evidence affects an argument.

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12. And oh yeah, there’s like 1000 other things you should be doing for school and work and stuff.

ID: 1392557

13. But you do get really good at scanning for information in Reading Comp.

ID: 1392496

14. And diagramming logic games.

ID: 1392542

15. Going over your answer sheet is an exercise punctuated by small victories…

ID: 1392549

16. … and crushing defeats.

ID: 1392519

17. Time is no longer a dimension; it is a measure of your inadequacy.

ID: 1394527

18. You friends keep telling you about people they know who did really, really well.

ID: 1392788

19. You start to hate this bitch…

ID: 1392504

20. … because secretly you want to be her.

ID: 1392553

21. You develop an emotional attachment to the fridge.

ID: 1393958

22. And only have time to go out one night a week…

ID: 1392778

23. … but you go really hard to compensate.

Like really, really hard.

ID: 1387539

24. Your friends ask you how studying is going. Every. Single. Day.

ID: 1393985

25. You begin to daydream about Logic Games when you’re supposed to be doing other things.

ID: 1392919

26. …. like sleeping. Or watching TV.

Or watching TV because you are no longer sleeping. Which happens a lot now because:

ID: 1394287

27. Coffee is not just a beverage. It is the essence of life.

ID: 1394019

28. At long last, you learn the secret to achieving your target score.

ID: 1393951

29. But eventually, somehow, you get through your first Logic Games section without missing any.

ID: 1387523

30. And the right answers in Logical Reasoning start to seem obvious…

…most of the time.

ID: 1394014

31. And Reading Comp?

ID: 1394342

32. You begin to get excited about each new practice section…

ID: 1387556

33. … but you still mess stuff up that you should totally know by now.

ID: 1392512

34. But when you start a full-length Practice Test on a Saturday morning, you’re like “Let’s do this.”

ID: 1392508

35. Because you know that if you keep working hard, you’re going to deserve the score that you want.

ID: 1394331

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