26 Babies That Are Totally Milk Wasted

Somebody call these babies a taxi. They should not get inside the wheels of a stroller.

1. “I jus whan… won more… boddle.”

ID: 1394744

2. Brought in on charges of public intoxication, public urination, and spitting up on an officer of the law.

ID: 1395707

3. Milk-wasted baby just trying to leave the party.

“I’m jus puttin on my glub boots den we can peace da fuck out.”

ID: 1395734

4. Somebody put this baby to bed. He’s done.

ID: 1394775

5. “Wait… either I’m pissed or that is James fucking Gandolfini sitting at the end of my crib der.”

ID: 1395719

6. Drinks himself into the bottle: Every. Single. Day. Of. His Life. Thus. Far.

ID: 1394763

7. “Hey, hey, here’s an idear: How ‘bout you put YOURSELF to bed.”

“And tell your wife to bring those tits back on over here.”

ID: 1395714

8. PTFO. Now his friends are going to draw little baby dicks on his face.

ID: 1394746

9. Never shake a baby — especially one that’s milk wasted.

ID: 1396448

10. He started sneaking pulls from mom’s breasts. Then he moved on to the hard stuff: formula. Now look at him.

ID: 1395717

11. “Hey, you and me — we should get brunch tomorrow.”

ID: 1394782

12. So milk wasted he can’t even hold the bottle up anymore.

ID: 1395771

13. This is sign language for “teet me.”

ID: 1394766

14. Just shameful. Somebody flip this baby on his side.

ID: 1394752

15. PTFO on the cat.

Which is totally chill with the cat, btw.

ID: 1396457

16. Suri Cruise seen here getting milk wasted in broad daylight. Can you say, “Rehab, here I cyoooome!”?

ID: 1396264

17. “Steve, just chill, dude. I’m not that milk wasted.”

ID: 1395775

18. “Goin’ tah Taco Bell. You wanna come witt? I’m todally cool to drive.”

ID: 1395710

19. This baby is the anchor of his pledge class at day care.

ID: 1395745

20. “Hold up… I tink this broad over der is lookin’ at me.”

“Ah, neber mind. That’s jus a kitty cat.”

ID: 1395716

21. Omg, she’s so wasted she actually did it.

“Dude, now you have to take that shot.”

ID: 1395753

22. “Once it hits your lips, it’s so good.”

ID: 1396370

23. “Take me back to the playground, taxi man. My old lady’s probably looking for me.”

ID: 1395720

24. Drinking five bottles will do that to you.

ID: 1395881

25. This baby hits the pump hard.

ID: 1396378

26. Literally: one and done.

Like 1 year old, guys.

ID: 1396396

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