21 Male Models Who Really Need To Poop

But can’t because they’re on shoot. Warning: men in underwear.

1. I wonder if my face betrays how badly I need to poop.

ID: 1722810

2. This hammer is heavy but not as heavy as my colon.

ID: 1722772

3. I’d say I’m about 25 seconds away from ruining these clothes.

ID: 1722855

4. If my sphincter had eyes, those eyes would be crying.

ID: 1723106

5. The instant he puts the camera down I am going to show this G6 how I get slizzard.

ID: 1722787

6. Lord please this pose is so hard to make right at this moment.

ID: 1723047

7. My bowels are wrathful Gods.

ID: 1730694

8. Please no why couldn’t this have been the brown brief shoot.

ID: 1723140

9. Sweet Jesus please grant me strength these slit shorts are unlined.

ID: 1723706

10. If they ask me to crunch my abs one more time, things are going to get smelly.

ID: 1723062

11. No coconut curry please please no not here not now.

ID: 1723661

12. How could a just God put me in this situation how.

ID: 1723803

13. If I just pick one single point and focus my eyes on it I can make it through this.

ID: 1723681

14. Oh no that was it we’ve passed the point of no return.

ID: 1723843

15. Please not now this is the most important moment of my career dear Lord.

ID: 1723939

16. My butt feels like a bag of soup with a hole in it.

ID: 1725525

17. If I relax for even an instant I will soil my name and my country.

ID: 1725624

18. This bulge is about to have a big brother in back.

ID: 1726003

19. No amount of make up will be able hide this.

ID: 1729519

20. If this isn’t the last shot I’m going to quit forever I’ll never take another photo I swear on my mother’s grave.

ID: 1723767

21. Uh.. oh… It’s… the….. Gandy…. Grumble….

ID: 1729573

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