20 Times Pokémon Accidentally Became Poképorn

“Catch ‘em all” takes on a whole new meaning.

1. When this Ampharos got intimate with some Mareep.

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2. That time Heracross touched Bulbasaur’s special place.

3. When Professor Oak got to second base with a Miltank.

4. When this group of Rhyhorns were really into a human girl.

5. That time Pikachu wasn’t having nearly as much fun as Minccino appeared to be having.

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6. When Brock began dry humping a Sudowoodo.

7. And who could forget when James showed off his bountiful fake breasts?

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8. When Togepi told Pikachu to use his tongue?

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9. That time when Brock auditioned for Magic Mike

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10. When Muk took it to the next level with Professor Oak.

11. That time Chansey wanted Nurse Joy to know that she was bootylicious.

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12. That time Shuckle really loved this girl’s navel.

13. When Jessie wanted this Lickitung to just get on with it already.

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14. When Chansey tried to fit things into orifices that weren’t big enough.

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15. That time Pikachu felt up Ash’s mom while he was watching.

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16. When Pichu was slappin’ dat ass.

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17. That time Meowth was right up on a Miltank’s teat.

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18. When Caterpie relieved himself all over a snake.

19. When Victreebel tried to deep-throat Lickitung.

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20. And this Diglett who did a fairly normal thing but still got dirty.

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