25 Signs You Ran Track And Field In High School

It’s not only a sport. It’s the sport.

1. You have battle scars from accidentally stabbing yourself with a safety pin while putting your bib on.

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2. You never got to go to the mall or hang out with friends right after school because you always had practice.

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3. And you couldn’t go out on weekends because that was always race time.

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4. You had a watch tan.

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5. You. Wore. Short. Shorts.

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6. And, when it was cold, tights.

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7. Steeplechase was reliably the most fun part of your day.

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Watching it, that is. Running it was a whole different story.

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8. You missed your last period classes because of meets. A lot.

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9. You measure distances in meters because that’s all you know.

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You’ve been called un-American for doing so.

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10. You got territorial when other teams used your track.

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11. Other sports that practiced in the infield were a threat.

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When balls went out of bound the ended up right on the track… or in your face.

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12. You had abandonment issues when a new season started and some of your teammates inevitably left you for another sport.

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“You’re leaving me for tennis?”

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13. Shopping for shoes when you first started track was the hardest thing…

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14. …until it became the easiest.

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15. You tend to opt for bright colors.

It’s partially so you don’t get hit by a car, but they’re also fabulous.

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16. You got pissed when non-track people lounged on the pole vault or high jump mats.

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You haven’t earned that!

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17. The mile in the presidential fitness test was your bitch.

You probably even wore your spikes for it, you cheeky devil.

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18. Your wardrobe is full of shirts you bought at races.

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19. Your goals were constantly changing as you ran faster and faster times.

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20. You still know all your PRs (and probably all of your rival’s too).

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21. You had pasta every Friday night.

Gotta carbo-load.

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22. You ate bananas constantly to try to stop everything from cramping and hurting.

Gotta get that potassium, K?

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23. You could pretty much eat whatever you wanted after a race. So you did.

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24. You walked like a jelly-legged doofus after workouts.

Walking was hard.

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25. Above all, you worship The Stick.

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