15 Disney Senior Citizens Who Are Way Better Than The Disney Princesses

So. Much. Sass.

Sure the Disney Princesses are great, but you know the saying: age before beauty.

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Old people are secretly the stars of Disney movies. Here are the best of the best.

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15. Lady Tremaine — Cinderella

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Why is she an awesome old person: She would be the least fun Disney senior to hang out with by far, but you have to give her a little credit for being a stone-cold beotch.

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14. Kekata — Pocahontas

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Why is he an awesome old person: Kekata doesn’t get all that much to do in Pocahontas, which is why he isn’t ranked higher, but he’s clearly wise and level-headed.

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13. Madam Mim — The Sword in the Stone

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Why is she an awesome old person: As evidenced by her quote, Madam Mim is honest. She’s a crazy and off-putting, but you get the sense that Madam Mim really loves being Madam Mim. Good for her.

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12. The Duke of Weselton — Frozen


Why is he an awesome old person: He’s a duplicitous little twerp, that’s for sure, but he’s got a nice veneer of class to him, and a pretty solid mustache. Also, dude’s got moves.

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11. Grandmother Willow — Pocahontas

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Why is she an awesome old, umm, tree: In addition to being thoughtful, kind, and full of great insights, Grandmother Willow is the best at throwing shade *badum-tish*

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10. Fairy Godmother — Cinderella

Why is she an awesome old person: She’s a solid tailor and profoundly kind. If you were having a bad day, she would make it 1000% better. She might not even need to use her magic. She’s just nice like that.

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9. Madame Adelaide Bonfamille — The Aristocats

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Why is she an awesome old person: She’s so fancy. Madame Bonfamille looks great for her age, but she’s also a warm and generous person, though she is a little naive.

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8. Georges Hautecourt — The Aristocats

Why is he an awesome old person: Georges seems to be a good-hearted chap, but he gets the edge over his client, Madame Bonfamille, because he’s unintentionally gifted at physical comedy. And his glasses are ridiculous.

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7. Archimedes Q. Porter — Tarzan


Why is he an awesome old person: He just seems delightful. He’s a loving father, a devoted scientist, and look how high his pants are pulled up.

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6. Rafiki — The Lion King

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Why is he an awesome old mandrill: Rafiki has that special brand of craziness that comes hand-in-hand with wisdom. Also, he beat the bejeezus out of those Hyenas, which was pretty sweet.

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5. Yzma — The Emperor’s New Groove


Why is she an awesome old person: Yzma is evil, but man does she rock it. And she gets stuff done — aside from the whole “actually killing Kuzco” thing. Broad’s got style, and most importantly, she’s voiced by Eartha Kitt.

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4. Grandma Fa — Mulan



Why is she an awesom old person: Grandma Fa is a devoted and loving member of the Fa family, but the best part about her is just how sassy she is. She’s feisty and DGAF.

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And Grandma Fa has The Thirst.


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3. Widow Tweed — The Fox and the Hound

Why is she an awesome old person: Look at her. Look how kind she is. She loves animals, and even has a soft spot for her neighbor Amos Slade, despite their animosity.

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Oh, and she’s also a total badass.

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2. Carl Fredricksen — Up

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Why is he an awesome old person: Carl Fredricksen is the realest old person in the Disney cannon. He’s grumpy, he’s achey, and he clearly brings a lifetime’s worth of experiences with him wherever he goes. But he also has a heart of gold, and has plenty more life to live.

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He was one half of the greatest, saddest love story ever told. Carl loved Ellie, we love Carl.

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1. Merlin — The Sword in the Stone


Why is he an awesome old person: Carl may be the most truthful and moving portrayal of the elderly in a Disney movie, but the wizard Merlin would be a blast to hang out with. He’s a crazy, brilliant, time traveling wizard.

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He goes on vacation in Bermuda. In the future. He is the greatest.

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