21 Reasons Why You Should Hate Kim Kardashian

If you don’t already.

1. Because she can’t grow a beard for sh*t.

ID: 268005

2. Because she ruined this perfectly good carpet.

ID: 267994

3. Because this is the face she makes when Khloe asks for more screen time.

ID: 268009

4. Because she had 24 chinchillas murdered so her left arm would be warm.

ID: 267999

5. Because she cries whenever she sees ugly people.

ID: 268003

6. Because she bullies the weak and defenseless.

ID: 268006

7. Because she just wouldn’t get off this poor guy’s back.

ID: 268008

8. Because she has the big one trained to kill on command.

ID: 267995

9. Because she carries children in shopping bags.

ID: 268031

10. And carries kittens like this.

ID: 268035

11. Because all she wants is your money.

ID: 268079

12. Because she had the nerve to believe she could pull off this look.

ID: 268000

13. Because she made us aware of this guy’s existence.

ID: 268086

14. Because she’s a backseat driver.

ID: 268087

15. Because she’s blocking our view of the ocean.

ID: 268094

16. Because she has an evil twin.

ID: 268102

17. Because before she was famous, Bruce Jenner was a well-respected Olympian.

ID: 268104

18. Because she ruined a Prince concert.

ID: 268137

19. Because she told Khloe: “Don’t be ridiculous. You look hot!”

ID: 268110

20. Because she may have triggered the end of the world.

ID: 268135

21. But mainly because Jon Hamm hates her too.

ID: 268114

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