The Ten Steps Of Working In A Blizzard

Please, don’t make me go outside.

1. Time to go dig your car out of the driveway

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2. Walking outside only for a pile of snow to fall on your head.

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3. Why didn’t the cancel work like they used to in college?

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4. When you try to find a walkable path on your commute:

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5. You feel like you look like a bit of an idiot all bundled up.

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6. You have no idea where you’re going anymore. Everything is white.

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7. You begin walking like an idiot to prevent slipping.

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8. You can’t slip if you’re already sliding on your stomach, right?

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9. You try to make the best of it and catch a snowflake on your tongue.

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10. Alright, it’s definitely time to run home.

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