17 Items You Didn’t Know You Could Get From A Machine

Convenience. At your fingertips. Who knew! Jägermeister did, and that’s why the Shotmeister exists.

1. Umbrellas.

Next time you get caught in the rain, just make sure you’ve got at least 400 yen in your pocket.

ID: 1625762

2. Eggs.


ID: 1625772

3. Bread.


ID: 1625842

4. Bread in a can.

Even fresher.

ID: 1625849

5. Bait.

For those times when you want live worms but you don’t want to, you know, interact with anyone.

ID: 1625853

6. Meat.

Salami convenience. The way of the future.

ID: 1625867

7. Neckties.

Spill mustard before a big interview? Here’s a solution. Forget about Father’s Day again? Solution. Want one for your neck and also one for your forehead? Guess what.

ID: 1625872

8. Books.

Meet Redbox’s nerdy cousin.

ID: 1625876

9. French fries.


How is this not in America yet. HOW IS THIS NOT IN AMERICA YET.

ID: 1625882

10. Lingerie.

Why you’d need panties on the go is beyond us. But we’re not here to judge.

ID: 1625907

11. Proactiv.

Putting these in high schools might be the greatest business decision ever made.

ID: 1625943

12. Guitar strings.

For when you snap a string! During a gig! Around the corner from this vending machine!

ID: 1625989

13. Keyboard.

A standard impulse buy. Can never get enough of these things.

ID: 1626001

14. Gold.

Eliot J. Schechter/Bloomberg via Getty Images

For when you want to… un-liquidate your assets.

ID: 1626026

15. Whole pizza.

OLIVER BERG/AFP / Getty Images

Again. Can’t emphasize this enough. Why is this not in America. Everywhere.

ID: 1626028

16. Pancakes.

Made fresh to order. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

ID: 1626458

17. Cat.


ID: 1625936

Betcha didn’t know you could get ice-cold Jägermeister from a tap, in the comfort of your own home. Well? Is that accurate?

Now you know. Bring a Shotmeister home, and never be wont for tasty, tasty Jäger.

ID: 1626972

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