14 Democratic Representatives Who Want You To Know What They Had For Breakfast

They are participating in the #SNAPchallenge to show how hard it is to live on food stamps with a budget of $31.50 a week.

1. Rep. Eleanor Horton of Washington D.C. made it just under budget.

2. With little time to cook, Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts got creative.

(Not pictured: A Carrot)

3. Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky considered her options in the meat section.

I just finished shopping for #SNAPchallenge very challenging to shop. http://t.co/gSYpI7QKNG

— janschakowsky (@Jan Schakowsky)

4. But then she ran into her Congressional counterpart, Rep. Robin Kelly, also of Illinois.

Bumped into Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky in the grocery store yesterday. She too is doing the SNAP challenge.... http://t.co/mXl7JpFEHs

— Robin42CD (@Robin Kelly)

5. New Jersey’s Rep. Donald Payne Jr. didn’t share a picture, but tweeted about his experience.

Seeing what it's like for the 860,000 #NJ residents on #SNAP. An egg already took $1.08 out of my $4.50 budget. http://t.co/vNtZxWoWof

— RepDonaldPayne (@Donald Payne Jr.)

6. Rep. Dan Kildee of Michigan said he had a tough time deciding what to buy at the market.

Already making difficult choices between most nutritious meals & what's on sale. Two items in cart. #SNAPchallenge http://t.co/KB9suaY1Ae

— RepDanKildee (@Rep. Dan Kildee)

7. Rep. Barbara Lee from California noted that she had to fight temptation at her morning meeting.

In a meeting this morning and surrounded by candy- definitely not on my menu for the #SNAPChallenge. http://t.co/MeN6rVZqiy

— RepBarbaraLee (@Rep. Barbara Lee)

8. Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan splurged on a Boca Burger and half an orange.

My first lunch on #SNAPChallenge: wheat bread, Boca burger w/ ketchup & half an orange. I have $4.50 of food for day http://t.co/w3vWxKFLae

— repmarkpocan (@U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan)

9. Michigan Rep. John Conyers enjoyed a nice egg and some milk for breakfast.

My first meal of the day taking the #SNAPChallenge: scrambled eggs, milk, & a piece of white bread. http://t.co/IGX0CNvIuX

— repjohnconyers (@John Conyers)

10. Rep. Marc Veasey from Texas only had a plum, but it looks like it was a REALLY GOOD PLUM.

Started my morning with a plum for brkfst. #SNAPChallenge http://t.co/dgCHqiTWU4

— RepVeasey (@Rep. Marc Veasey)

11. Rep. Sandy Levin of Michigan chose Skippy to start his day.

19% of #MI residents on any given day aren't sure they will be able to get enough to eat. Day 1 #snapchallenge http://t.co/vdLhmY9ilp

— repsandylevin (@Sandy Levin)

12. Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) took his shopping very seriously.

Moment of truth while checking out #snapchallenge http://t.co/739k9b0zma

— repjoecrowley (@Rep. Joe Crowley)

13. Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham from New Mexico engaged her cashier in some political banter.

Don’t mind the folks patiently waiting behind you.

In the checkout line on my #SNAPchallenge shopping trip. Had to make lots of tough food choices to spend just $31.50. http://t.co/z6msv2S8XC

— RepLujanGrisham (@MichelleLujanGrisham)

14. California Rep. Doris Matsui showed off her groceries for the week.

Day 1 of #SNAPChallenge. Shopped for my groceries- very challenging. Couldn’t afford fresh fruits or veggies http://t.co/CXjzDmrSDT

— DorisMatsui (@Rep. Doris Matsui)

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