10 Things We Learned From Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Amy Heckerling made us laugh, and taught us a thing or two.

1. Never Threaten A Customer

Mister, if you don’t shut up, I’m gonna kick 100% of your ass.

2. Jeff Spicoli Taught Us How To Make A Valid Argument

Mr. Hand: What in the hell are you doing?
Jeff Spicoli: Learning about cuba and having some food.
Mr. Hand: Mr. Spicoli your on dangerous grounds here your causing a major disturbance on my time.
Jeff Spicoli: You know I have been thinking about this Mr. Hand if I’m here and you’re here doesn’t that make it our time?

3. Women Should Learn How To Make The First Move

Linda Barrett: Face it with some guys you have to make the first move a lot of guys are just wussiess..

4. Mike Damone’s 5 Point Plan

1.You never let a girl know how much you like her,
2.You always call the shots
3. act like wherever you are is the place to be
4 when ordering food you know she wants and than order for the both of you,
5 when it comes down to making out whenever possible put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV

5. Some Fast Food Workers Are Passionate About Their Jobs

Via Rotten Tomatoes

Brad Hamilton: I shall serve no fries before their time

6. Drinking & Getting High While Driving

Via Youtube

Is NOT totally awesome

7. We Learned How To Give Good Fellatio

Via OneInsideSocal

Relax your throat muscles, slide it in & don’t bite.

8. Linda Barrett Taught Us How To Get The Birth Control Pill

All right, what you want to do is go to the Free Clinic and tell the doctor that you have sex regularly- several times a week — and that you need Nornel One Plus Fifty’s.

9. And Stacey Hamilton Taught Us The Consequences Of NOT Using Contraception

I’m pregnant

10. Don’t Masturbate To Your Sister’s Best Friend While She’s Over Your House

Via Tumblr

You could get caught.

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