9 Reasons To Get To Know Darri Ingolfsson

The Ryan Gosling look alike is currently appearing on the 8th season of Dexter. Here’s why he should be on your radar.

1. He looks like Ryan Gosling.


ID: 1610681

2. He was born and raised in Iceland.

ID: 1610699

3. He’s currently playing Dexter’s antagonist on the shows eighth season.

ID: 1610708

4. He studied drama in London.

ID: 1610715

5. He’s fairly new to twitter.

Only 319 followers!

ID: 1610722

6. He geeks out for sci-fi movies.

ID: 1610728

7. He can dance.

His resume includes latin, modern, ballroom, contemporary and folk dancing.

ID: 1610745

8. He speaks 3 different languages.

English, Icelandic, and Danish

ID: 1610761

9. He plays several musical instruments.

ID: 1610772

So basically, Ryan, watch out!

ID: 1610808

Follow Darri on twitter @DarriIngolfsson

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