13 Bars That Need To Be On Your Bucket List

Who’s got the first round? Nothing goes better with a late night of novelty hot-spot exploring than Jack’s Munchie Meal™, only at Jack in the Box after 9 p.m.

1. The Skyview Bar in Dubai, UAE


Drinking in a bar on the ground < drinking in a bar 200 meters above sea level. Every single time.

ID: 1712358

2. Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant, Bar and Observatory in Eilat, Israel


Or if you’re less of a land lubber, try sipping a mojito five meters underwater. Water Wings are optional.

ID: 1713221

3. Exchange Bar & Grill in New York, NY


Drinks rise and fall in value at this clever themed bar. Scope out your beverage of choice, stake out for a market crash, then buy a round. Or two. Or three.

ID: 1710450

4. The Old Forge in Scotland


Billed as the remotest bar in all of the United Kingdom, the Old Forge is only accessible by 18-mile hike or a 7-mile boat ride. Foursquare mayor of Old Forge, our hats are off to you.

ID: 1712627

5. Dive Bar in Sacramento, CA


This ain’t your dad’s dark, dank dive bar. Beautiful mermaids swim — and make locals swoon — at this swanky nightlife destination.

ID: 1712662

6. Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den in Minneapolis, MN


Because, come on — can you really think of any better place to be during the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Spoiler alert: No. You can’t.

ID: 1712682

7. Spårakoff in Helsinki, Finland


A working tram that’s also a slick bar? Finally, someone put the pub in public transportation. We’ll see ourselves out.

ID: 1712793

8. The H.R. Giger “Skeleton” Bar in Gruyères, Switzerland


If you’ve ever thought, Wouldn’t it be neat if the creep-tastic artist behind Alien designed his own bar? then, uh, the pub of your dreams (nightmares?!) is waiting for you in Switzerland.

ID: 1712808

9. Nasa Pub in Bangalore, India


Space is great. So is beer. Nasa Bar in Bangalore combines those two wondrous elements in an astronaut-themed flurry of glory, adventure, and delicious ale.

ID: 1713120

10. Lagoon Bar in Reykjavik, Iceland


Oh, you’ve got a poolside mini-bar at your place? That’s cute. The Lagoon Bar is right smack in the middle of miles and miles of natural spa in Iceland’s iconic Blue Lagoon.

ID: 1712970

11. The Cave Bar in Petra, Jordan


An outstanding pub propped up in the hollowed-out caverns of a 2,000-year-old network of tombs? Yes and please.

ID: 1713000

12. Kagaya in Tokyo, Japan


Hosted by the eponymous — and outrageous — Mark Kagaya, a stranger night of brews and food you’ll never find. Part performance art, part strange, scrawled-out charm, Kagaya is best experienced than described.

ID: 1713071

13. The Clinic in Clarke Quay, Singapore


A hospital-themed bar with wheelchairs instead of stools and IV drip bags instead of shot glasses probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Oh, no, wait, it still seems like a great idea.

ID: 1713045

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