The Disney Princesses (As Told By The Burn Book)

Because we all know Trang Pak isn’t the only grotsky little byotch in the Magic Kingdom

1. Cinderella

She shops at thrift shops… and not for ironic hipster reasons

2. Mulan

She’s the founder of the itty bitty titty committee.

3. Belle

She fucked a bear. And I mean that literally. She literally fucked a bear.

4. Snow White

Snow White? More like Hoe White!

5. Ariel

She’ll do anything to ride a dinglehopper.

6. Tiana

She may not be a frog but she DEFINITELY has warts!

7. Rapunzel

Invasalign before shot

8. Jasmine

Too bad she can’t use her money to buy good taste in accessories (Newsflash bitch, be-jeweled headbands are so not grool)

9. Elsa

Ice. Cold. Bitch.

10. Anna

Low rent version of Rapunzel

11. Aurora

Queen Bee

12. Pocahontas

We know that’s a weave, bitch.

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