21 Hilarious Stock Photos Of Couples And Books

Is a bookworm wrecking your love life?

Here’s what happens when you look up stock photos of couples with books:

ID: 3123941

1. “All he does is read.”

ID: 3119563

2. “She used to go wild when I chewed on my glasses while Powerpointing. Now? Nothing.”

ID: 3119612

3. “She doesn’t even get mad when I eat in bed anymore.”

ID: 3119488

4. “Do you think I should shave my goatee, dear? Dear?”

ID: 3119835

5. “Guess I’ll just put on my headphones and pretend I’m at the gym.”

ID: 3117947

6. “Maybe she’ll love me again if I give her a pedicure.”

ID: 3117848

7. “This pillow is my wife now.”

ID: 3119541

8. “You keep reading, baby. I’ll keep fantasizing about the things I want to do to your buddy Josh.”

ID: 3117932

9. “If I started masturbating, would she notice?”

ID: 3119574

10. “His nipples look at me more than he does. Maybe if I play dead.”

ID: 3119686

11. “My day was good, Mr. Remote Control. How was yours? …Sigh.”

ID: 3119863

12. “‘Curls for girls,’ I say. But does she care? No.”

ID: 3117920

13. “I wore my whitest boxers and he doesn’t even notice.”

ID: 3119341

14. “We both changed into women and he still doesn’t even notice.”

ID: 3119348

15. “Time to pretend I’m asleep while passive aggressively farting on him.”

ID: 3117884

16. “Jesus, you’re not even reading. You’re just posing like the author photo.”

ID: 3119883

17. “You’re not the only one who wants to escape to a land of fantasy, Martha.”

ID: 3119796

18. “Yes, I sold the house. Also? My new boyfriend is here. He’s a pigeon.”

ID: 3119637

19. “What he doesn’t know is that I poisoned his coffee.”

ID: 3119507

20. “Sometimes I worry that we’ll be like this forever.”

ID: 3119732

21. “Fuck.”

ID: 3117863

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