21 Sisters Who Must Be Stopped

Ban all sisters.

2. This sister who doesn’t know how to use the towel rack:

4. This sister who thinks her pet fish is a person:

5. This sister who has friends with questionable taste in footwear:

7. The sister that sent this very sympathetic card:

8. This sister and her Mean Girls friends who made this lil’ dude cry:

9. This little sister who really wants a pool:

Ok, this is actually awesome.

12. This sister who would use her invisibility for evil:

13. The sister who baked this surprise dog-themeed birthday cake:

18. This sister whose sense of revenge seems pretty over the top:

19. This sister whose sense of revenge seems even more over the top:

20. This sister who said something very creepy the other day:

21. In closing, ban all sisters.

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