Every Pet On Every Roomba You’ll Ever Need To See Ever

You know how you’ve always wished someone would compile every important moment of a pet sitting on a Roomba? Well it only makes sense that iRobot, the company behind Roomba, stepped up to the plate. Finally! A robot that can clean your house AND provide hours upon hours of entertainment.

1. This shark that knows he’s the king of his turf.

ID: 1113396

2. This magician that knows Roombas are perfect for “the big reveal.”

ID: 1113251

3. This chubby bunny who’s Roomba doubles as a personal trainer.

ID: 1113496

4. This Chihuahua who prefers this mode of transportation to being carried in your purse.

ID: 1113550

5. This prairie dog who’s keeping lookout while his friend takes a power nap.

ID: 1113598

6. This Kitty Cuddle Carpool Service.

ID: 1113346

7. This parrot who just lost.

ID: 1114361

8. This big guy who’s still a puppy at heart.

ID: 1114091

9. This pug who’s all like, “I got it. I got it. I GOT IT… I don’t got it.”

ID: 1114137

10. This hamster who’s taking lazy to a whole new level.

ID: 1114430

11. This kitten who is NOT sharing. Sorry she’s not sorry.

ID: 1113612

12. This daredevil who’s all like, “Mom, could you stop hovering for like ONE second?!”

ID: 1114142

13. This tortoise who finally gets what the hare was talking about.

ID: 1114439

14. This aloof guy who doesn’t think this is even that hard.

ID: 1114152

15. These cats whose owners are evil laser people.

ID: 1114337

16. These ferrets who are bad at sharing.

ID: 1114473

17. This pomeranian who is coming. right. at. YOU.

ID: 1114784

18. This fluffball who needs to watch her head.

ID: 1114407

19. This turtle who’s FREAKING OUT on the inside.

ID: 1114812

20. This Dachshund who doesn’t get how he can be in two places at one time.

ID: 1114738

21. And this little bully who is all om nom nom nom Ouch.

ID: 1114842

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