The Real Face Of OWS

here are the fine people of “occupy SF” forcibly blocking commerce from an apple store on black Friday, and claiming the store is closed. Yep this all makes sense.

Video available at:  .

And enjoy this story.

So last week, we closed an offer to a new hire. We agreed to provide him with an upgraded setup, so on Friday I decided to take advantage of the sale at the Apple store to pick up the laptop for him. When I got there, though, there were several dozen “occupiers” outside with a bullhorn. They were claiming that the store had been closed, which clearly was not the case.

However, they had also formed a barricade and were doing their best to not let anyone in – if you tried to walk past them, you got shoved back outside their circle (so much for nonviolence).

I probably should have just waited until they dispersed, but I was pretty annoyed, and this was a challenge. So I worked my way to the edge (“hey, watch out, this guy’s trying to get in”) and after waiting for their last line of defense to get distracted (someone offered him some drugs?) I squeezed past and through the door, much to the occupiers dismay and the Apple employees’ delight (they were mostly hanging out at the front of the store watching).

In the process, however, my foot got caught in between the door and a protestor, and when I yanked it free my shoe stayed where it was.

“Nice job getting in here, what can I help you with today?”

“I’d like a MacBook pro, and a secured exit. Also, you don’t sell shoes, do you?”

I had given up on ever seeing it again and so we got started on the MacBook. Somehow, another employee saw what had happened and managed to retrieve it from outside. Quite possibly the best customer service I’ve ever seen.

I suppose I could have tried letting the goons (holding the signs reading “I’ll never get a job in this economy”) know that the reason I was going to the store was that I was busy creating jobs and needed to purchase a tool that would create even more. Somehow, though, I think the irony would have been lost on them – based in the fact that several protestors were using brand new iPhones to take HD footage of their “occupation”


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