53 Signs You Grew Up Eating Mexican Food

We’re not talking about Taco Bell here.

53. Nothing is ever spicy enough.

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52. But that’s ok. You always have hot sauce on hand.

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51. You roast chiles and tomatoes to make salsa.

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50. And you know the best salsa is made with a molcajete.

Blenders are for cheaters!

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49. Forks? What are forks?

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48. You don’t understand people who heat tortillas in the microwave.

If the tortilla doesn’t have brown spots I’m not eating it bro!

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47. Or worse — eat them cold.

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46. Because you know the RIGHT way to heat a tortilla is on a comal.

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45. You hate when people misuse the term “wrap.”

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44. Or mispronounce jalapeño.

Repeat after me: Hah-lah-PEHN-yo

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43. You ate at taco trucks before they were cool.

Tacos are trendy? Whatever bro, I’m just hungry.

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42. You squeeze lime on EVERYTHING.

Yes, it’s even good in mayo!

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41. You prefer Gansitos over Twinkies.

And you freeze them in the summer!

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40. Tortas over sandwiches.

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39. And pan dulce over donuts any day!

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38. Growing up, you had jello instead of ice cream at your birthday parties.

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37. And realized making Jell-O is an art.

Fact: the best Jell-O is made with milk.

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36. You know the best hot chocolate is made with Abuelita.

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35. And the difference between Mexican and American Coke.

Real sugar!

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34. But you prefer aguas frescas over soda.

You haven’t lived ‘til you’ve had a tall, cold glass of agua de horchata!

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33. Unless we’re talking about Jarritos — that’s a tough call!

Guava soda? Yes, please!

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32. When you’re craving sweets you go for: Arroz con leche.

That’s rice pudding for all you non-Spanglish speakers.

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31. Flan.

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30. Obleas con cajeta.

i.e. caramel-filled wafers (caramel made with goat’s milk is the way to go!)

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29. And churros of course!

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28. You know the best quesadillas are made with Oaxaca cheese.

If you’re using “Mexican blend” shredded cheese you should be ashamed!

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27. This is how you eat meatballs.

In soup with a rich broth and veggies!

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26. You eat hotdogs wrapped in bacon and topped with chopped onion, tomato and jalapeño.

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Sauerkraut just doesn’t cut it!

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25. A meal feels incomplete without beans.

Pinto or black, refried or whole — they’re all delicious!

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24. Yes, even at breakfast.

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23. You don’t need sushi to eat raw fish.

That’s what ceviche is for!

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22. When you grill meat you DON’T use BBQ sauce.

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Whatever the meat, you know seasoning and citrus go a long way.

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21. And your favorite thing to grill is carne asada of course!

Skirt steak is the best steak!

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20. You know beef tongue is nothing to get squeamish over.

Unless you’re told it’s tongue you’d never guess it’s anything other than yummy, juicy beef!

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19. And neither is tripe.

It’s a common ingredient in menudo soup, which is not only delicious, it’s also a great hangover cure!

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18. However, you’ll admit this takes some courage to try.

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Am I the only one who thinks fried chapulines (grasshoppers) resemble the taste of sunflower seeds?

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17. This is your idea of a shrimp cocktail.

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Soda crackers and cocktail sauce? Screw that! Tostadas and Clamato is where it’s at!

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16. You know the best way to eat fried fish is in a taco…

Photo by Iris Estrada
ID: 2523059
Photo by Iris Estrada

p.s. this cart in Los Algodones, Baja California makes KILLER fish and shrimp tacos! You’re welcome.

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15. You know “paloma” means more than just “dove” in Spanish.

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Screw margarita mix, combine white tequila, grapefruit soda and lime for a perfect cocktail!

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14. You laugh when anyone claims to make “THE BEST” salsa or guacamole.

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13. Corn is your idea of street food.

Whether it’s smothered in mayo and cheese,

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Photo by Iris Estrada

or in a cup — it’s all good!

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12. As is mango, watermelon and even cucumber!

Dear parents, want the secret to getting your kids to eat fruit and veggies? Add chile powder!

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11. You don’t find anything weird about spicy candy.

Screw peanut butter and chocolate, tamarind and chile is the best flavor combo!

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10. And you know popcorn and chips taste better with salsa Valentina.

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9. You own at least one over-sized bowl.

For caldos, menudo and pozole of course!

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8. This is how you eat your turkey during the holidays.

Gravy on turkey? Pfff pass the chocolate chilli sauce! (It’s pronounced MOH/Leh and it’s DELICIOUS)

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7. And Christmas ain’t complete without tamales!

Photo by Iris Estrada

Tamales taste like love, don’t you agree?

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6. You’ve bitten into a plastic, baby Jesus.

It’s a Three Kings Day tradition — look it up!

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5. You know these are gorditas…

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4. And these are blasphemy!

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3. Your friends know better than to suggest going to Taco Bell with you.

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2. Because you know Taco Bell is not REAL Mexican food and you’d never be caught dead eating there.

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1. Unless you’re drunk or have a bad case of the munchies.

In which case I recommend you go for the chalupas!

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